Toastmaster - Magician -Host

The magical comedy waiter

If you want the event that you are planning to live long in the memory of those who attend, then acquiring the services of Funny Bones as your comedy waiter is a step in the right direction.

Funny Bones helps to create a mood of joviality; he is courteous, endearing and never over steps the mark. His true comic timing leaves your guests with a feel good lasting memory. A comedy artiste who truly has Funny Bones!

Mix and mingle.

On arrival of your guest

I am on hand to meet and greet your guest as they arrive, carrying my stunning cloche that is embellished with 5,000 SWAROVSKI crystals. The cloche is lifted to reveal medicine cups with a tablet in each one (Love Hearts) with a sign “medication time”. A hidden speaker from inside the tray gently plays “Charmaine” from the film “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest”.


Welcoming your guests, now under the cloche (above) mini men holding mini envelopes each one contains a welcome message from you inside the tiny envelope, or it could be a raffle ticket for a raffle draw later in the proceeding’s.

Instant FM Radio from anywhere!

Once your guests have arrived I mix and mingle amongst them producing Instant FM radio from any item I touch! Remove the top off a pen – Instant Radio! Empty glass – Instant Radio! Draw a radio on a napkin -Instant Radio! Crumple up the napkin and the radio sound fades, open back up the napkin and the live FM radio sound reappears. It is an amazing effect that will have your guests baffled.

Bottle through table!

How is it even possible? Funny Bones borrows a guests bottle of wine or beer (un-gimmicked), wraps it into a napkin and pushes the bottle through the table! The look of amazement on your guests face when he lifts the bottle from under the table is a priceless moment.

Veggie option?

The appearance of a 3ft plant with sign “veggie option” can only mean one thing….Funny Bones is back in the room!


One of the most magical predictions you will ever witness. Funny Bones ask someone to select a holiday destination and who they would take with them on that dream vacation. As you would expect Funny Bones names that destination, but the mind blowing moment is when he shows the name of the person selected to go on holiday is engraved on the back of Funny Bones pocket watch – which has been in his pocket all the time….

More wine, Splash!

A spectacular way of serving drinks to your guests by simple inflating a balloon then bursting it! Producing a bottle wine* or champagne*. (*not provided)

Chop Cup

Is the ball in his pocket? Or is it under the cup? A hilarious take on the original classic with a double or even treble twist to the routine leaving the guest laughing if not a little confused.

Shaken not stirred!

Everyone loves the sound of a cocktail shaker being shaken, ice rattling inside and the anticipation as the top is removed and drink poured out. However Funny Bones pours out not liquid but dice! The good news is the guest has won a prize! Funny Bones hands them a voucher with “free drink” printed on it. …a neatly wrapped tea bag!

Pizza confused!

“Domino’s” – Hoping the pizza is for their table, but the look of puzzlement soon turns into laughter when Funny Bones lifts the lid off the box to reveal no pizza inside, but a row of domino game tiles!


Funny-Bones is convinced there are celebrities in the room, so with iPhone in hand he goes around in search of the rich and famous. Hilarious reactions from your guest when he shows the photograph on his iPhone of who he thought they looked like! Donald Trump is a sure favourite!


Something to celebrate? Sabrage is technique that became popular in France; Napoleon’s spectacular victories across Europe gave his Cavalrymen plenty of reason to celebrate. It was just after the French Revolution when the sabre was the weapon of choice of Napoleon’s light cavalry (the Hussars). During these parties cavalrymen would open the champagne with their sabres.

Plus card magic and many more mad cap moments, the above mix and mingle can last between 2 to 3 hours if required.

Public liability is with Equity and the value is £10,000,000. Number Moo137324.